karen + glenn [adam's couple] 12.19.09

happy saturday! we've got another phenomenal wedding photographed by our associate adam to share with you and it even has a detail included that used to be a part of the saturday morning cartoons lineup back in the day [as well as an arcade video game] more on that later. first, i want you to meet karen + glenn...adam + i chatted with them a few months ago + instantly loved them + loved them even more when they said their intimate november 7th wedding was going to be at the very modern w hotel in midtown + did a happy dance when they booked adam + then loved them even more!

presenting glenn..he makes tying a tie look super cool!
glenn's cake was a q*bert cake! remember that cartoon character + arcade video game? there are rumors that glenn once held the worlds highest score!
during the reception some props came out + everyone got silly...
then the confetti came out...
then they sealed the night with a kiss + lived happily ever after!
congrats karen + glenn! we've had the most incredible time getting to know both of you + adam had a fantastic time working with you for the wedding! a big thanks to john [adam's second photog] for totally bringing it as always!
cristen + adam

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