barbie is a bride, too 01.18.08

so it all started walking through target with the girls today. A, of course, wanted to go down the doll aisle and naturally i said "okay, but you can't get anything today" and i went on to explain the value of the dollar. A instantly spotted a barbie and exclaimed "look daddy, she's getting married!!! can i pleeeaaassssseeeee get this barbie bride??? please daddy, please!!!" next thing i know i am helping barbie bride + her friend, barbie princess, into the shopping cart- i am such a sucker.

on the car ride home, A asked if i would shoot barbie bride's wedding when she was ready to get married. when the girls went to sleep tonight, i decided to do a quick barbie bridal shoot to surprise A with the images in the morning. i have to say, barbie bride was great to work with. her expressions were unstoppable and i could tell that she was really comfortable in front of the camera! i cannot wait to shoot her wedding so if anyone out there knows of a single ken that is looking for a bride, look no further we have your perfect girl!

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