love your mother, earth that is! [charity feature] 04.02.09

our charity feature for this month was real simple for us to decide on! i was the president of my ecology club way back in high school (yeah, i was one of those cool girls sportin the greenpeace t-shirts!) and april has always been synonymous with earth day for me.... and that was way before this BIG green generation movement that thankfully the world has FINALLY adopted!!! it's so amazing the tiny little changes we can all implement to really make a difference in the future of this lovely planet that we all call home! we try really hard to live responsibly + we're teaching our girls the little things they can do that will make a difference as well.
we are super excited to donate a portion of our proceeds from all photo print sales this month to support EARTH DAY !!! even if you live underneath a rock in the middle of nowhere, i'm sure your city has an earth day celebration/festival/event going on that you could check out! well, if you're really living underneath a rock somewhere i guess technically you're already one with the earth! : )
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