ho! ho! ho! 12.25.09

we hope the spirit of christmas has you spinning with happiness, peace, love + gratitude!
cristen + scott

photographed by elf #1 and designed by elf #2 and no santas were harmed in the production!

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anna + jared [e-session] 12.24.09

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE!!! we're just like santa + his elves, still busy working! we're about to shut down the studio for a few days but before we do here's a few of our favorites from anna + jared's engagement session a few weeks ago. their wedding is just around the corner so you'll be seeing more of them soon. the light was so lovely the day of their shoot + they are just so sweet together! oh, and anna was rocking some seriously cute boots...both pairs!
dear santa, i'll have one of those cute belted skirts + bracelet. thanks.
anna + jared thanks for a fantastic session! we're excited for january 16th!
cristen + scott

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peace out! 12.23.09

our very clever + very creative brother in law..also known as roger + also known as our beloved graphic designer [lucky us] whipped up this little ditty for us to send out to our recent clients, favorite vendors + a few others this holiday season! he created the design then stamped the layers onto balsa wood to create these postcards and we loved how each one looked slightly different due to the variations in the stamping process. i hand addressed the backs of all of them [although this digital file has been lovingly addressed to all of our fabulous readers!] and then kissed the big stack of them goodbye before i handed them over to the post office clerk so she could hand cancel each one before they made their way out into the world. we wanted to share the holiday sentiment with everyone that takes the time to follow our work + cheer us on with your heartwarming comments + wonderful emails! we wish we could have personally sent a postcard to each + every one of you but even if we had all of your addresses, i think roger's hands would have fallen off from all that hand stamping!

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karen + glenn [adam's couple] 12.19.09

happy saturday! we've got another phenomenal wedding photographed by our associate adam to share with you and it even has a detail included that used to be a part of the saturday morning cartoons lineup back in the day [as well as an arcade video game] more on that later. first, i want you to meet karen + glenn...adam + i chatted with them a few months ago + instantly loved them + loved them even more when they said their intimate november 7th wedding was going to be at the very modern w hotel in midtown + did a happy dance when they booked adam + then loved them even more!

presenting glenn..he makes tying a tie look super cool!
glenn's cake was a q*bert cake! remember that cartoon character + arcade video game? there are rumors that glenn once held the worlds highest score!
during the reception some props came out + everyone got silly...
then the confetti came out...
then they sealed the night with a kiss + lived happily ever after!
congrats karen + glenn! we've had the most incredible time getting to know both of you + adam had a fantastic time working with you for the wedding! a big thanks to john [adam's second photog] for totally bringing it as always!
cristen + adam

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