featured in southern weddings premiere issue!!! 12.29.08

i know, i've said it before and i'll say it again + again + again......and again + again + again.....and again + again...
...and this time lara and the sw gals have really topped the upper echelons of wedding fabulousness! what ever have they done you might be asking? well, they are days away from launching the premiere issue of their magazine!!! we're so happy for them and we know this has been a dream in the making for quite some time and we really love it when dreams come true! we were also so psyched to find out that one of our weddings was going to be featured as well as several of our ring shots used for a spread on rings in this premiere issue! the southern weddings blog is definitely one of our favorite wedding blogs and we're so excited to get even more eye candy now that there will also be quarterly southern weddings publications! today we received an email with the pdf's from the magazine and here's a sneak peek...

the official launch date is january 6th so be sure to look for this cover on magazine shelves soon!!!
the very lovely may 10th atlanta wedding of liza + tyler is featured in the magazine! their wedding was filled with lots of great details + southern charm and liza wore the most amazing gown and manolo's! here's the spread and the images chosen by sw!
most of our clients know how much scott likes ring shots and it was very cool to find out that 6 of our images were selected for their spread on ring shots! for any of our blog followers (and stalkers!) you have seen all 6 of them before....the red tulip was from ashley + eric's wedding, the cropped mum shot was from jaime + ben's wedding, the his + her bathroom door symbol images were from julie + patrick's wedding, the jar of buttons is from eryn + craig's wedding and the 'one, two, three... infinity' book cover shot is from kristin + ryan's wedding!
a BIG CONGRATS again to our friends at southern weddings!!! we can't wait for the official launch party in the ATL in a few weeks! also a HUGE THANKS to all of our amazing clients for inspiring us every day! now be sure to run (not walk) to your nearest book store on january 6th to pick up your copy of the magazine. you can check out the southern weddings blog to find out the exact locations across the country that the magazine can be purchased. happy reading!

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peace, love + hohoho.... 12.25.08

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! it was another fantastic christmas at the chester household! santa + the reindeer found our house without a glitch even though it was pouring rain. he loved the cookies + milk and the reindeer devoured the carrots. the girls woke up at o' dark thirty this morning and ran out into the living room to see what santa brought and we can officially report that the toys the elves made were a big hit! how does santa + company manage to pull it off for all those kids every single year? WOW is all i can say! the girls do miss the elf, fondly named sparky, that had been visiting with us for a few days that went back to the north pole with santa but they know he will be back next year {for all of the parents of young children out there...if you have not heard of elf on the shelf yet, you must check it out for next year!}
we spent the rest of the day with my family eating good food and sharing lots of laughs as the girls entertained us! we started a tradition in 2001 with my family that in lieu of exchanging gifts we would all find charities that we wanted to donate $ to in the same amount that we would have spent on the gifts. it has been so rewarding to do this year after year and as a family this year we supported the efforts of unicef, heifer international, the atlanta community food bank + the national resources defense council. our oldest is really becoming very aware of how blessed her life is and also how important it is to give back to her community and the world around her. that's such a cool transition to experience as a parent! one daughter down, one more to go : )

we did not get around to officially sending out holiday cards (gasp!) so we will let this first image suffice as the 2008 holiday card from the chesters! of course A had to have a pink tree in her playroom this year and it's decorated with ornaments that she has made over the last few years at school. in this shot they are both standing on a huge toy storage table in their playroom spreading some holiday cheer! yes, A did get those black shoes that make a click-clack sound when she walks from santa (they were #2 on the list) and yes she will probably wear them non-stop from now until next christmas! did i mention that we have all hard wood floors in our house?!? and L, i could just eat her up!!!

A loves everything about the word love! she writes it on all her artwork and she made scott + i these 'love' cards for christmas! she picked out these tiny glass red keepsake hearts for gifts and handed them out to all the family today along with handmade cards. talk about melting my heart! ahhh, she is so sweet!
we wish you + yours much peace, love + hohoho this holiday season!
cristen + scott

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kayte + david e-session 12.22.08

david loves kayte, great photography + good champagne. kayte loves david, great design + good champagne. and we absolutely love clients like kayte + david! actually, we almost did not get the chance to work with this ultra fabulous couple since we were booked on their original date but they changed their wedding date just so we could all work together! thanks guys ; ) this session was filled with lots of great moments, amazing light and killer locations. here's just a few of our top picks...
kayte + david we can't wait for your wedding at king plow arts center in october!

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laura + brian e-session 12.17.08

we were so excited to hear the news of laura + brian's engagement! they are a super sweet couple and just so perfect for each other! we have worked with laura for a few years since the company she works for is one of our commercial clients and we photographed her sister emily's wedding earlier this year! just like us, they share a deep love of the yellow leaves on the gingko trees in the fall so when scott got together with them for their e-session he made sure to get some shots with the beloved gingkos. the yellow color was just stunning! here's some of our favorites from this tree inspired session...

love this one!
this shot was inspired by jesse's ingenious mini bride image!
thanks again laura + brian! we're really looking forward to your wedding in september!

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