reduce. reuse. recycle day 11.15.08

today is america recycles day! are you up to snuff with your recycling efforts? residential curbside recycling and drop off bins at places all around our cities makes it really convenient to recycle but i'm sure a lot of us could still step it up a notch. one way would be to take a minute to complete the recycling pledge and then check out the georgia recycling coalition or the national recycling coalition if you live outside of georgia for more tips + info on recycling and sustainable living. we try valiantly to reduce waste and recycle everyday but we are going to try even harder. it's so great that our girls are really grasping the concept of reducing waste. A makes some killer art projects with common household items that she reuses and recycles!

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kelly + trey . wedding 11.13.08

boy oh boy, we've been so crazy busy and we've got a ton of weddings, e-sessions, family sessions, personal stuff, etc to post over the next few let me just jump right into the amazing wedding of kelly + trey! it's always a treat when we get to work with creative clients that work in the industry. they're not photographers but they work very closely with them and they definitely are very comfortable being in front of the camera themselves. take a look at some of our favorite images from their wedding!

kelly looked stunning!
trey is just taking it all in...
what a cute ring bearer!
and the flower girl was adorable...and silly!
i love how perfectly matched this moment was! the sanctuary had signs throughout the halls and this was one of them...
a few more of those signs as the ceremony was shot through the windows
the whole gang!
i love this series
the first dance...
...and the crowd goes wild!
love these 2 images!
i love trey's reaction as he is flinging the garter!
congrats again kelly + trey! you both have been so much fun to work with!

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november charity duo 11.08.08

this month we just could not narrow it down to one charity to donate a portion of proceeds from all photo print sales! so we picked two...

first up, we are spotlighting march of dimes and prematurity awareness month. although we happened to be blessed with two very full- term, 9lb+ babies, we know that every day 1 in 8 babies born in the US arrive too soon and too small. premature birth can happen to any pregnant woman and we have several very close friends that have experienced having their babies months earlier than anticipated. fortunately, all the babies (and moms) were okay and have gone on to live perfectly healthy and normal lives. this is not always the outcome for all premature babies. for those of you that do not happen to know, i (cristen) actually work very part-time as a pediatric clinical pharmacist at a hospital (went to school for way too long to completely phase out this part of my life) and i am very attached to this cause professionally as i see and help premature babies while working at the hospital.

on the other end of the life spectrum, we're also highlighting national alzheimers awareness month. i bet there's not one of us out there that doesn't slightly worry about getting older and losing our minds, literally. scott + i have several close friends that have had their lives impacted by having a parent/grandparent with alzheimers disease. it really is devasting. can you imagine having your parent not know who you are or not recognize your own children or grandchildren someday? that would totally suck! at present about 5,000,000 americans are diagnosed with alzheimers disease. you can click here to send a proclamation letter to president-elect obama about alzheimers.

happy ordering! pick up some prints as holiday gifts and know that you are spreading the cheer even more by helping to contribute to these 2 organizations!

if you have any suggestions about december's charities, we would love to hear your ideas!

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meredith + danny e-session 11.05.08

super sweet couple + lots of love flying through the air + amazing october weather = awesome e-session! scott got together with meredith + danny in athens a few weeks ago and it was actually his first time formally meeting them. he had briefly met them before at a few weddings since they're good friends with some of our previous couples. i know i've said it before but we absolutely love getting new wedding clients from referrals! another thing i love is finding out the scoop about our couples and meredith + danny have one of those really fantastic getting together stories! let's just say that there's a guy living somewhere in destin, florida that they would like to send a BIG thanks to for not being able to go with meredith to a friends wedding a few years ago. danny did go with her to that wedding and now the rest is history and they will soon be having their own wedding next may! here's a few faves from the session!
thanks meredith + danny for a fantastic e-session in your hood! we're looking forward to hopefully doing a mini session in our hood next!

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