bettina + geoff e-session 11.20.08

we've just been on a blogging roll lately and lots of them have been e-sessions! well, that's because autumn is the perfect time to do these sessions in the ATL and the light is also so amazing. bettina + geoff are one of those really lovely couples that fit together perfectly...just like they were made for each other! they're so incredibly happy and kind and were quite comfortable being photographed, which is always a plus for us! scott had fun hanging out with them and he even found out that they both work in one of his favorite buildings in midtown, he calls it the batman building! we're really looking forward to their wedding next september, it's gonna be a good one! but for now, here's a just a few that caught our eye from their e-session.
i love this yellow wall that scott found!

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laura + dan . wedding 11.18.08

we really cannot say enough wonderful things about laura + dan! they have been so much fun to work with and their wedding was such an amazing celebration of the overabundant love they have for each other and the warmth and close connections they share with their families with lots of fun moments infused into everything! laura was lucky enough to have the best wedding officiant ever...her dad! how cool is that? they started the day at the georgian terrace and mosied on over to the lutheran church of the redeemer and the reception party was at the wimbish house. they reserved a nice block of time between their ceremony + reception for some creative portraits of just the two of them and scott had fun strolling along peachtree street ducking into lots of cool spots for the images! well, without further adieu, here's some of our favorites from the day.

yellow daisies make me happy!
laura looked simply elegant!
the girls pretty much had smiles on the whole day!
i love this one of laura + her sister
dan. is. the. man!
this sanctuary was beautiful!
i love the intimate moments right after the ceremony
laura's dad is full of emotion after literally marrying her off to dan!
quick stop into the w hotel
fun toast series!
and they're off!
congrats again laura + dan! we are so happy for both of you!

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lindsey + dan e-session 11.16.08

we're so lucky to get such fantastic clients and lindsey + dan are no exception to this fate! they're both so genuinely nice + complement each other so perfectly and are just downright stylish, fun peeps! they're having an intimate wedding in puerto rico in less than 2 weeks but they wanted us to do an e-session as well as shoot their post-wedding reception party once they get back to the ATL in december. so scott met up with them a few weeks ago and i just love it when our couples rock a little color for the e-sessions! check out a few of our faves...
lindsey + dan thanks for such a brilliant shoot! we will be sending lots of luck + wedding wishes to you both in puerto rico on the big day! eat a few empanadas for us while your down there : )

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brittany + steven e-session 11.15.08

now here's a couple that's madly in love, unbelievably cool and over the top sweet! what more could we ask for? minutes into our first meeting with brittany + steven we just knew we were going to have a brilliant time working with them! did i mention that they are total rock stars in front of the camera? check out a few of our favorite images below and you'll see what we mean! we seriously could have posted the entire session, we loved so many of them!
thanks brittany + steven! you both totally rocked this session! we're really looking forward to your wedding on the farm in may 2009!

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