brittany + jimmy e-session [florida] 01.06.12

happy friday! we're so happy to share a few frames from brittany + jimmy's engagement session today! brittany is scott's cousin and we're so happy she found her perfect match! scott's mom has a house on a river in north florida and brittany has always loved visiting the river (her family has spent many a summer there!) so she really wanted to incorporate that environment into their session. it was a beautiful afternoon + we were so happy to get the chance to know jimmy better, too! here are some of our favorites.....
thanks so much for such an awesome session brittany + jimmy! we can't wait for your wedding in october!
cristen + scott

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featured on 100 layer cake!!!! 01.05.12

yay! chandler + john's gorgeous napa valley wedding was featured on our very favorite wedding blog, 100 layer cake today! if you want to know more details about all the planning that went into their celebration please go check it out. thanks again jillian, amanda + kristina : )

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