SW wedding of the week feature!!! 01.30.09

we just LOVE southern weddings magazine + daily blog + we just LOVE beth + jared + we're so happy that their lovely wedding at watercolor resort on santa rosa beach was featured today as the southern wedding of the week! please check out the 2 part feature to read more about this fabulous couple + all the details of their brilliant wedding!

the one. the only. the ken 01.30.09

you might remember last year when our wedding enthusiast daughter, A, went on a typical target run with scott + came home with a barbie bride doll and was totally serious about us photographing her upcoming wedding! we told her that barbie needed to first find true love. well, wouldn't you know that a few months ago, the perfect man, named ken [duhhh], showed up on our doorsteps [literally, when grandma had him shipped from amazon.com] and barbie was instantly smitten! barbie + ken have had quite the courtship so far...lots of moonlight strolls along the beach while sipping champagne, tons of pool parties with friends that always breakout into volleyball matches or games of bocce ball, long drives in the convertible to the weekend mountain home + lately lots of snuggling on a fluffy white rug in front of a crackling fire to watch movies or the latest episode of LOST. they are so perfect for each other, it's almost like they were made from the same mold! the plans for this high profile wedding are well under way. there will be a ton of other celebs in attendance, including close friends, G.I. joe, snow white + the 7 dwarfs, bruce lee, cinderella, godzilla and slinky dog may even be the ring bearer! it's not the norm for our grooms to have a pre-wedding day portrait session BUT barbie insisted that ken have a spin in front of the camera before their big day. here's a few from the session...he has only one look but he works it well!

barbie will be so surprised when the 30x40 gallery canvas wrap of this image arrives tomorrow!
ken loungin' in his study...he loves his crushed velvet sofa!
stepped outside of his studio loft for the last shot and the streets were alive!
thanks ken for being so easy to work with, you're really a natural in front of the camera. we can't wait for the wedding in a few months! we all have our little matchmaker A to thank for that!

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julie + steve . wedding 01.23.09

S U R P R I S E julie + steve!!! we know you got married last year [it still sounds weird referring to 2008 as last year!] + you've already viewed all your wedding images + custom slideshow BUT we've been dying to share our faves from your lovely chateau elan wedding with you on the blog! october is one of our absolute favorite months for weddings [hmm, maybe that's why we tied the knot in october] + the warm autumn light cannot be topped when it comes to outside shots!

julie + steve just plain ROCK for oh so many reasons.... besides being so adoringly in love and genuinely sweet to everyone the day of the wedding, they also made sure to set aside plenty-o-time for creative portraits of just the two of them right after the ceremony when the light was total perfection and that always makes us very, very happy!

well, enough jibber jabber from me...let's move on to the long awaited images!
this flower girl was so cute!
i have a thing for callas- simple but bold!
first dance action
they had some funny toasts!
congrats again julie + steve!!! we loved working with both of you + that was not surprising since you were a referral from another one of our brilliant couples!

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allison + jim e-session 01.14.09

here's a few of our faves from the very last e-session that we squeezed in before the end of the year {and before we shut down the studio for about 2 weeks to spend with our girls over the holidays}. atlanta always seems to have the strangest weather in december and you just never know what the temps are going to be but thankfully for allison + jim's e-session the weather was a bit on the warmer side and she was able to dress a little more 'springy' like she wanted since they planned to use one of the images for their save-the-dates to mail out for their spring wedding. allison + jim are so incredibly sweet and totally crazy about each other! scott had so much fun galavanting around decatur with them and getting to know them a bit better...and there was even a stop at the candy store!
allison got a lolli from greene's candy store...ava + lucy point that store out every solitary day when we drive by!
i *heart* this series!
allison + jim, we can't wait for your wedding may 16th! it will be here before we can blink! thanks for being so fantastic to work with!

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