Md Sumon: So nice and wonderful couple romantic photography . Gorgeous looking in such these place and their get-up . So thanks a lot for sharing these with us. (1.1.16, 11:44am)

Tracy {The Bride Concierge}: These shots, they're amazing. Thank you for making my Friday! (3.8.13, 7:49pm)

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The Wedding Outlet: Beautifull photos followed by a beautiful story! Congrats to the happy couple! (3.8.13, 2:41pm)

maria: best engagement shoot photos i've seen in ages! LOVE all of these. you found some cool spots for shots. (11.10.12, 4:35pm)

Isabel Sadurni: I would love to know the list of locations, if possible. These are absolutely gorgeous. Granted all credit for gorgeousness and magic in the photos goes to the subjects and photographer! (11.1.12, 10:18pm)

Jessica Mugavero: These are so gorgeous!! Absolutely stunning. (10.10.12, 8:23am)

Kara: Wow - this is gorgeous! (10.8.12, 10:23pm)

Andrea Busse: Amazing photos. Chellise you are stunning! Congrats again to you both. So excited for next October and I could not be happier for you! Love and miss you, xoxo (10.6.12, 10:56pm)

rychelle: the clouds, the clouds, THE CLOUDS! those reflection shots are genius! (10.5.12, 6:10pm)

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Laurie McKay-Hendrickson: HOLY AWESOMENESS!!! I L&#10048;ve these shots of Chellise & Michael....such amazing & beautiful work! Thank you Cristen & Scott - I can't wait until the Wedding Day where we will meet!!!! <3 (10.4.12, 8:45pm)

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Kim Leblang Mason: Fanfreakintastic! (10.4.12, 3:31pm)

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Chellise Michael: You guys are increeeeedible!!!!! We love your spontaneous shooting style and CANNOT WAAAAAIT UNTIL next October! owwww!!! (10.4.12, 1:51pm)