vencanice: Wow, this wedding is so nice. Cute couple, and her wedding dress is so beautiful and romantic. (8.24.12, 2:24am)

Janis Chajkowski: These are the most amazing photos Scott! Would love to visit this city some day! (8.18.12, 4:20pm)

Sherri Ash: Beautiful wedding and photography! I am not sure Martha Stewart's people picked the best ones to use, but then again, they are all so good, it would be hard just to pick a few. (7.20.12, 11:50am)

chris: absolutely amazing! scott & guys beyond exceeded my expectations. thanks alone doesn't do it justice. i will forever be indebted to you for immortalizing this time in our life. (7.20.12, 10:43am)

Carrie: Beautiful! Still sad that I couldn't be there, but the photos capture the day wonderfully. (7.19.12, 8:19pm)

Dianne Hegler: I am running out of words to express the feelings that flood me as I view these extraordinary of art. Love the photo of Chris' jump for joy and Shelli's look. (7.19.12, 6:17pm)

Jared Rey - Dallas Wedding Photographer: Wow. I just loved all the beautiful colors that popped up throughout the wedding day. Especially the purple/pink flowers. (7.19.12, 2:55pm)