vencanje: I adore all details on this wedding. Gorgeous post, thank you. (6.12.12, 10:09am)

lauren : what a perfect spot for a wedding. gorgeous images. (12.20.11, 8:33am)

Betty C.: Meredith and Zack all the hard work paid off. You looked so beautiful and Zack so handsome. The farm made a beautiful setting for you wedding! (12.19.11, 9:27pm)

rychelle: what a beautiful, intimate wedding. captured perfectly! merry christmas! (12.19.11, 12:45pm)

Kari : Wow! These photos are amazing! So creative and, love, love them! (12.19.11, 12:13pm)

Meredith: I am absolutely speechless! Let me gather my thoughts and look at them another 20 times! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! I love them can't wait to see the rest! (12.19.11, 10:41am)