katrina { sedona bride }: oh my goodness! i want to go there some day in the fall... what a gorgeous location... that shot with the reflection is especially beautiful... great job photographing this e-session! (12.19.11, 11:35am)

ManWifeDog: One of the most beautiful e-sessions I've ever seen!! Spectacular...where is this? (12.13.11, 8:33am)

ellie: yoweeee! these are incredible!! (12.12.11, 2:09pm)

pen: These images are spectacular. Stunning. (12.11.11, 3:02pm)

scotty: DUDE, FRKN CRAZY LOCATION! WELL DONE! (12.9.11, 1:34pm)

Kimberly: Stunning from start to finish. Love the fall colors and compositions. (12.9.11, 1:24pm)

Amanda: Your composition is stunning. Great use of line and shape. Thanks for sharing! (12.9.11, 1:21pm)

rychelle: you never cease to impress! these images are stunning. maybe my favorites yet. (12.9.11, 12:18pm)

whitney: absolutely incredible images. I can't get over these shots. (12.9.11, 11:46am)

Lana: These are incredible. Always inspiring. Thanks for your Friday posts. (12.9.11, 11:45am)