vencanice beograd: So elegant wedding dress. Very nice and beautiful wedding day. (3.15.12, 8:19am)

celeste: This wedding was so beautiful!! the rain the rain!! it looks like it came down for the ceremony only, it actually made it so much beautiful!! as they walked out, the drops made this enchanting effect, as if it was planned!! amazing location, amazing work, thanks for sharing and inspiring! (10.18.11, 8:50am)

sarah: Bravo bravo!!!! Hope you'll have a wedding soon in Paris so I can show you around! Can't wait for Ben and I pics. (9.17.11, 3:40am)

fi(lle)ancée: A very beautiful wedding! Everything is so amazing! J'aime beaucoup! (9.16.11, 6:43am)

Emilie: OMG! This is gorgeous!! I live in France and I'm a bit jealous you had to shoot such a lovely wedding! Your images are so beautiful!! (9.16.11, 6:25am)

mel: THANK YOU!!!! You are all AMAZING!!! So kind, generous, quirky and loving - Scott and Andy - just ROCK!! We all love you and are so so SOOOO thrilled with the photos!!! We would LOVE to see you Cristen with your family in the UK soon - Big love xxxx (9.14.11, 5:29pm)

Caroline Rabaiotti: Fan dabby dosey!! Just the most amazing pics - really captured the spirit on the day! Well done guys! (9.14.11, 8:20am)

jason dominy: holy crap, these are amazing. (9.13.11, 1:49pm)

James Moes: So so so good. (9.13.11, 1:43pm)

micki: jiminy cricket these are gorgeous! (9.13.11, 11:53am)

kate kiefer: LOVE (9.13.11, 10:55am)