Anna: What an amazing wedding! And THE DRESS is simply GORGEOUS!! Dear Diana (or whoever knows) WHERE DID YOU GET THE DRESS FROM? (6.11.14, 10:14am)

Natasha: where could I buy this dress?? (1.29.13, 9:38pm)

Sara: Where did you get your dress? its gorgeous! (12.4.12, 11:10am)

Kaella : This is a beautiful wedding. Love how you captured it as well. I was wondering, could you please find out who designed Diana's wedding dress? It's stunning. (8.23.12, 8:27pm)

Cecilia: aaaaah what a goregous wedding! possibly one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen! and great photos! (2.16.12, 9:06am)

chellise: diana!! please tell me who made your dress!! pleeeeeeeeeease!! (1.31.12, 6:20pm)

kristi wright: One of the coolest weddings I've ever seen! (10.7.11, 9:39pm)

Erica Edgerly: I love your dress!!!! Who is the designer? (9.26.11, 5:50pm)

Mar: Amazing Dress (and pictures). Where is the dress from?mar (9.22.11, 6:04pm)

Jason: Most awesomest wedding I've seen in a long while. Fantastic job capturing - keeping things very Chester-esque! If you speak to the couple in the future, please pass along how refreshing it was to see a couple with real style and imagination. (8.17.11, 5:27pm)

Tami : This wedding is so beautiful that I want to put the pictures up in my house. Speechless (8.16.11, 9:11pm)

Diana: Hi Jazmin! That cake was the Hawaiian Vacation Cake - Coconut with real dried pineapple flowers! Made by the oh-so-talented Scootabaker: (8.12.11, 1:45am)

jennie ridley: i die!!! absolutely gorgeous! (8.11.11, 9:06am)

Jazmin: Do you guys know, what kind of cake is it the big white one ? (8.5.11, 4:42pm)

Luke Stanton: this series of images has absolutely blown me away! the framing is immaculate! and the tonal range is perfect. A joy to look at! (8.4.11, 11:44am)

amypunky photography: This wedding is amazing!! (8.3.11, 3:17pm)

Marissa Rodriguez: I can't even begin to tell you how amazing I think this wedding is!!!! One of the most gorgeous brides ever! Loved everything!!! (8.1.11, 1:03pm)

Lev: holy moly these are incredible!! great work! (8.1.11, 11:25am)

Samantha (Primary Petals): Thank you so much for sharing this pictures. I don't think I've ever seen my floral work captured in such a way! Seriously inspirational. (7.28.11, 1:54pm)

Beth Banta: Amazing, as usual! That dress is just gorgous! (7.26.11, 10:59am)

pen: awesome wedding and brilliant, stylish, captures. Love it. (7.26.11, 3:41am)

Shellie: A night to remember, a lifetime to fill with memories, where dreams come true and all you really need is love. Beautiful in every single way. xo (7.25.11, 10:02pm)

diana : you guys have exceeded even our wildest expectations! thank you again for capturing our wedding in such a perfect way :) (7.25.11, 5:47pm)

jaine {brklynview}: i have never seen a wedding quite like this. everything is so stunning and unique. seriously stunning, wow! (7.25.11, 5:05pm)

ErinSondermanPhotography: Wow there's too much amazingness here to even know where to begin. Stunning. And I want her hair. (7.25.11, 2:42pm)

josh: simply amazing!!! thank you so very very much!!! (7.25.11, 2:23pm)

Felipe Luz: Great job!!! Muito Bom! (7.25.11, 2:04pm)

Kimberly: Sigh! What a great wedding. The venue, her dress, that VW bus! You're photos of this fabulous event are AMAZING! (7.25.11, 2:03pm)