Sarah b: Did you make Josh's beautiful outfit?? How did you come up with such a thing? (11.18.13, 11:37am)

Jessica: I would love to know where this venue is located. It's exactly what I'm looking for! (10.7.11, 8:52pm)

Amy Arrington: LOVE IT!!! so many great photos! (7.20.11, 10:05am)

Hanniel: This Is THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING WEDDING I've have ever seen and the photography captures it amazingly. DOUBLE AMAZING (7.19.11, 4:20pm)

Stephanie: I have never seen more beautiful photography, you guys are amazing! (7.17.11, 1:31pm)

jen howell: Absolutely stunning!!!! You rock! What a fun wedding! (7.14.11, 2:42am)

enjoy events co.: we are over the moon about this one!! (7.13.11, 12:14pm)

Josh: Scott! You are a photographic ninja! (7.10.11, 4:44pm)

rychelle: you guys create magic. you are magicians. and, you attract the coolest clients on the planet. these people are cool. (7.8.11, 6:57pm)

Kristen : Yay!!!! These are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for being our photographer, and thank you two for being so wonderful in every single way. (7.8.11, 3:01pm)