shelli: sniff.... i want that car! (12.28.10, 2:47pm)

janet: wow! a constant inspiration! (11.12.10, 5:45pm)

Ashley: I constantly find myself coming back to your website and gazing at these incredible photographs of our wedding. Whitney and I are floored by your ability to capture the most precious moments of that day. Your unobtrusive style and creativity made our entire wedding party feel comfortable and the results are magnificent. Scott and Adam are incredible and we are forever grateful. (11.3.10, 9:23am)

lauren lake: literally said- oh my gosh again and again... the typewriters, the clothespins and the car sign are such great touches- all captured by great photographs. congrats all. (11.2.10, 8:38pm)

kathleen: So stunning! what a beautiful & joyful wedding. That first black and white pic of the groom is so timeless and classic. (11.1.10, 3:54pm)

Bonnie Wolf: Thank you Scott and Adam! These are incredibly wonderful and such a keepsake of our wedding weekend! We appreciate all that you did and the talents you brought to our wedding weekend. (10.30.10, 11:35am)

sunnydays photography: absolutely gorgeous!! wow. i love every single picture. great, great job. (10.30.10, 3:42am)

Missy Stewart: BEEEUTIFUL!!!! Just as expected with two PERFECTLY IN LUV people, perfect setting(s), perfect day, and perfectly captured photos.....Couldn't have captured THE JOY of the day any better!!! GREATTT MEMORIES:) (10.29.10, 5:52pm)

Corinne Wolfersberger: The pictures are amazing. No surprise when you're working with two amazing, gorgeous, and creative people, but we have to give props to the photographers. Great job! Congrats again to Ash & Whit! Love you both. (10.29.10, 3:56pm)