Shari @ Pretty Chicky: Love this wedding!!! I posted a few of the pictures on my wedding blog with your link! A reader would love to know where the bride's sash and hairband are from! (12.29.09, 10:16pm)

Yvonne: Glenn and Karen you two are such beautiful people and your happiness/love for each other is evident in the pictures. Your photographers captured it well. They are extremely talented artist! It was such an honor to be part of it. (12.23.09, 10:32am)

Pei Sun: WOW, simply gorgeous!! These are among the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Look at you Karen, how beautiful! And those pink shoes and the pink wedding cake, love them! And someone was crying while you were walking down the aisle… how sweet. :) Congratulations again! (12.22.09, 9:39am)

Alex Workman: I really like the photo booth shots. Keep up the awesome work! (12.22.09, 8:08am)

Megan Dunn: This wedding looks like it was tons of fun, and the photos really reflect that perfectly. Karen - Those pink heels are fabulous! You have such great style. (12.22.09, 7:43am)

rychelle: confetti = super duper fun photographs! (12.21.09, 9:53am)

Lauren: pics. are awesome (12.20.09, 5:39pm)

bloom floral design: Absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see all of them! (12.19.09, 11:34pm)

kate kiefer lee: love it! the confetti pictures are too fun! (12.19.09, 8:05pm)

Ken Roger: Awesome pics. (12.19.09, 5:23pm)

Jamie little bro: The pics are awesome of you and Karen. It was the perfect wedding. We can't wait to come down to the ATL and stay in the new house. Love Jamie, Michelle, & Lauren. (12.19.09, 4:12pm)

Roni Lettman-Brown: Awesome Glenn and Karen. Congrats!!! So beatiful!!! Love the pictures of the wedding, they are fantastics. Love the shoes and the socks. Cakes look great too!!!! (12.19.09, 2:13pm)

rebecca roberson: i love these pics! you both look fantastic and the wedding looked beautiful! i'm so bummed i missed you guys!! (12.19.09, 12:42pm)

Danya Banning: Karen and Glen, Your wedding pictures are fabulous. Glen I love the socks and Karen I love the pink heals. Congrats! Danya, Chris and Rowan (12.19.09, 12:07pm)

Karen : Yay! They look amazing! Thank you so much! Adam and John are the best! And you have to love Q-bert! (12.19.09, 11:09am)