Lisa: engagement photos these days are so cool! these are really lovely! (12.17.09, 2:39pm)

Kelly Noell: Thank you Adam for such a wonderful and fun engagement session! These pictures are amazing! Mark and I are soo happy with how they turned out! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kathleen- Yes, it's me! It's been awhile! (12.4.09, 12:23pm)

Don Riggdon: If Y'all aint careful Adams gonna take over lollol! (12.3.09, 2:49pm)

rychelle: the cart shots are so FUN. and that sunlit one with the telephone pole = YUM! (12.3.09, 11:46am)

kathleen: Kelly Noelle, is that you? If yes, we were in dance class together many moons ago... if no, please disregard! Congratulations, either way :) Awesome pictures! (12.3.09, 11:35am)

Justin: Super fun post Adam! (12.3.09, 10:50am)