Annie: i loved this wedding! (12.17.09, 2:44pm)

Tom Abraham: Adam & Scott- The images from the Foucher wedding are very very nice. The candid feel they all have is brilliant. These are some of my favorite wedding images I have seen in a long time, especially the ones at the shore. Tom Abraham-Professor of Commercial Photography at Portfolio Center, Atlanta, GA (11.22.09, 12:48pm)

Jenny J: your work is inspiring. clean lines, great composition - and the expressions on those kids... classic. thank you. (11.22.09, 1:35am)

kayte weldon: so beautiful and graceful! (11.21.09, 5:23pm)

jenny: Awesome, what else can one say!! (11.19.09, 7:17pm)

rychelle: how do you do it? how do you take my breath away EVERY TIME? (11.19.09, 3:11pm)

Lee: Breathtaking. Every single image is absolutely breathtaking. I'm sure it doesn't hurt when you've got such a truly fun, loving, and beautiful couple to work with, but what you've captured is just so... it's a good thing pictures speak a thousand words, 'cause there's just no way to give these photos enough praise here! GREAT job, and congratulations again, Renee & Kyle! XOXO (11.19.09, 1:50pm)

patrick faucher: Remarkable. Timeless. Beautiful in every way. p (11.19.09, 1:41pm)

Kelly: Magnificent!! Truly, truly magnificent! Kyle & Renee you look outstanding... Kyle at his handsomest and Renee at her most stunning. And the artistry in the photos is breathtaking. Adam, you really outdid yourself. Bravo!!! (11.19.09, 1:31pm)

Dustin: WOW!!! I'm finding my vocabulary insufficient... but those pictures are just amazing! Adam... Scott... congratulations. Renee... you look so beautiful. Classic and timeless. Kyle... you look pretty sharp too. ;-) (11.19.09, 12:49pm)

Katie: These photos are incredible! You can really feel the love this couple shares for one another. These photos truly capture that. (11.19.09, 12:47pm)

Renee: I am just as emotional today looking at the captured moments as I was to marry my best friend! You guys made my day so special and now I can look back and smile. (11.19.09, 10:51am)