jesse chamberlin: whoa! love this wedding. great job. i am in love with that car shot. its wild! (7.5.09, 11:20pm)

Beth Armsheimer: So SO AMAZING! I love your photography! (7.2.09, 9:56am)

Joanna: What beautiful shots and what a great location. Where is it? I know it said N. Georgia on a farm, but what farm? I'm so curious and thinking about it for my wedding... (7.1.09, 3:57pm)

Brittany: I love all of the pictures, they are so wonderful and every time I look at them I feel like I am back at my wedding! They captured every emotion so perfectly. Thank ya'll so much for everything!! (7.1.09, 10:01am)

Heidi: Awesome job Scott. I really love the blue sky. Beautiful couple. You can really tell what it was like to be there. (6.30.09, 4:50pm)

daddy: you look stunning and beautiful baby---steven looks dapper as well (6.30.09, 8:33am)

Yuka photo art: Beautiful photographs and creative vision! That car is WOW! (6.29.09, 1:49pm)

denise: Beautiful! (6.28.09, 6:09pm)

Sarah: I adore their emotion! These definitely capture all the facets of the day! The skies are gorgeous! (6.28.09, 8:12am)

rychelle: the blue! the green! i am in love. (6.26.09, 12:05pm)

Cathy: Wow...I love everything about this wedding! Great shoes, sweet location, and the coolest getaway car ever. Amazing shots...I love it! (6.25.09, 10:07pm)

baron: Check out my arm (6.25.09, 9:36pm)

tiffany: WOW! The pics are wonderful, excellent job!!!!! (6.25.09, 7:39pm)

fer juaristi: amazing coverage, love all the couple pics, lots of feeling in every pic. (6.25.09, 6:54pm)

andrew lee: such great color! great job, scott. (6.25.09, 6:07pm)