Meredith Seelos : This pic totally made me tear up- SO SWEET! (6.27.09, 10:57am)

emily: what a sweet pic! i love the chester family :-) (6.26.09, 9:16pm)

scott: thank you sweetie for this post! we are so amazingly lucky to have these phenomenal daughters in our lives! i love all of you xoxo (6.22.09, 5:19pm)

lauren : hey dad- there's no words of how wonderful you are. ok- maybe kiwi strawberry snapple but really- that's it. you rock! -lgl (6.22.09, 9:11am)

rychelle: what a sweet moment. happy father's day! (6.21.09, 9:25pm)

Na-NA: I absolutely adore this picture. You and your two girls-perfect. I love your expression-it says it all. Happy Father's Day! (6.21.09, 8:01pm)

lucy: you are the most fabulous + marvelous [my two favorite words lately] daddy! i'm such a lucky girl! xoxo (6.21.09, 12:07am)

ava : daddy you are the best daddy i ever could imagine! i love you so much! xoxo (6.21.09, 12:05am)

Mama Betty: Scotty, God gave you the gift of LOVE, I knew you would be a good and loving DAD. HAPPY FATHERS DAY, I love the picture. (6.20.09, 11:46pm)