samptaipt: - Visit us or die! iojulmvcc (2.28.10, 5:53am)

Caroline and Travis Carr: These are amazing, Scott! The colors and tone of these photos are so unique and seem to fit them as a couple perfectly. You are such an artist! (7.7.09, 8:38pm)

Heidi: Great portrait of them kissing by the rust colored structure. And hats off for the yummy ring shot! Awesome! (6.30.09, 4:53pm)

Sarasota Photography: great pictures and very good Ideas - professional Photographer. What a beautiful location. The wedding looks like it was a lot of fun. Well done. Thanks for sharing... Natascha (6.30.09, 11:12am)

Lawrence & Lynn Willis: These are phenomenal! We appreciate your work. You brought out the true feelings and splendor of the day! My son and his new wife are beautifully portrayed! (6.24.09, 8:34am)

Don Rigdon: Now That's Awesome! (6.24.09, 7:51am)

Jill C.: Just lovely! I really like all the yellow, how fun! (6.23.09, 7:52am)

cristen + scott: we are just *blushing* from the super generous + sweet comments from allison + jim and their parents! we just love our clients and reading comments like these really make us love our job even more! thanks everyone! xoxo (6.22.09, 5:11pm)

Elizabeth Gilmer: How can we ever thank you enough for this? As the groom's mom, I just want you to know that I am in awe of your ability to bring all this to life through these pictures. I can look at these and remember such feelings of joy - all over again. You are amazing -- God bless you and your wonderful family. I will always be a w.scott chester fan- your site is forever on my favorites list!!! (6.22.09, 4:38pm)

Cindy & Steve Keller: Words cannot express the feeling I got seeing these pictures. You made our baby's special day more special than I imagined. How do you thank someone for that? May God bestow the same blessings on you, when your sweet little girls get married, that you have bestowed on us today! (6.22.09, 4:16pm)

Allison & Jim Willis: Oh my word, these are just perfect! We knew Scott would make our day a fairytale. All our dreams came true!!! Thanks to you all! We love you and your amazing work! (6.22.09, 3:50pm)