Tim Harman: Absolutely love all of these. (4.21.09, 11:35am)

Kellie Kano: Gorgeous set of images! Her eyes are just WOW! (4.20.09, 6:28pm)

lauren c. - openField.: these are AWESOME!! what a cute, fun and CHIC couple!!! : ) (4.18.09, 5:11pm)

Kit (Dad) Kiefer: Wow! Unbelievable photographs! (4.18.09, 9:20am)

rychelle: seriously, i don't know how you wrap up so much awesome in one package. these are AMAZING! (4.16.09, 4:40pm)

Amy Lee: These are FABULOUS! I absolutely love all of them, and I want copies!!! (4.16.09, 4:34pm)

Amy Kiefer: Looking at these pictures makes me almost as happy as the fact that they are getting married. You really captured them. Thanks for doing such a beautiful job! (4.16.09, 4:02pm)

kate kiefer: we love these photos and we love the chesters! (4.16.09, 3:35pm)

jesse chamberlin: so cute! incredible colors! bring on part 2....jeez the suspense! (4.16.09, 3:06pm)

matt: ROCKED it, these are great, cant wait to see round 2!!! (4.16.09, 1:44pm)