Zack Arias: LOVE these photos! Meg and I are over here drooling over them. We love Andy Lee and Kate as well. Well, Meg loves Kate. I haven't met her yet but I bet she's awesome. :) That was random. Ok! Great job man. Cheers, Zack (4.24.09, 9:27pm)

Eryn: These are out of this world!! I know y'all win awards but it seems like there should be way more recognition of your immense talent!!! (4.19.09, 11:22pm)

rychelle: it's hard to pick a favorite (they are all SO good), but i love that shot of them on the swings. what a fun shoot! and a gorgeous couple. (4.17.09, 9:48am)

andy lee: i cannot say thank you enough. i love these images and you guys! thanks for being good friends! (4.17.09, 7:34am)

Claire Kiefer (sis): I have never seen engagement pics anywhere near this cute/stunning! The photos are WONDERFUL and the subjects look gorgeous. So exciting! (4.17.09, 1:40am)

Sarah: These 2 engagement sessions have blown me away. way, way, away! Just when I think I have seen my favoritest photo from you, another session of awesomeness is posted and I'm in speechless all over again! Cheers (imagine a standing ovation from me right now)! (4.16.09, 11:35pm)

jesse chamberlin: adorable. so many to love but i think the swings and the last one top the cake! i like the little detail of "a story to tell..." (4.16.09, 10:31pm)

Rusty: Scott, these are amazing and excited to see what you are going to do with our wedding in a coupld weeks. (4.16.09, 9:40pm)

amber: scott... these are your best work. ever. you are a rock star. (4.16.09, 9:20pm)

Jen@GreenWeddingShoes: these! so so fun. (4.16.09, 7:43pm)

rich: this shoot made me smile really big - just awesome stuff... (4.16.09, 7:24pm)

kate kiefer: WOW--thank you for the fantastic photos and the fun evening!!!! (4.16.09, 6:04pm)

amy kiefer (kate's step-mom): I'm speechless. (4.16.09, 5:58pm)

matt: damn! now that is some good stuff. congrats on the engagement and congrats on the photos!! (4.16.09, 5:41pm)