Aunt Pam and Uncle John:: WHAT CAN WE SAY . . . . . . . WE SIMPLY LOVE EACH PICTURE AS MUCH AS WE LOVE YOU ! ! ! ! ! CONGRATULATIONS. (4.19.09, 3:34pm)

Cassie: Beautiful! The light is amazing, as are the pictures - congratulations you two! Now, introduce me to his single male relatives. Thanks. (4.14.09, 9:44am)

Aunt Tex: The pics are great! Love them all. It's getting exciting. (4.13.09, 7:44am)

Lauren K: where in the world did ya'll run across those big hearts? That is so cool! (4.12.09, 10:40am)

max : love the hearts. and the trees. awesome. (4.9.09, 9:54pm)

Mimi & Bill Hamner: All it took was for our Kenny to find that special "ONE"!! And we love her too!*!* (4.9.09, 9:31pm)

Elise: I'm in love with all of those photos with the big red hearts!!! I also love the #2 between them in the last photo! Looks like such a fun session (4.7.09, 10:24pm)

Leslie Bartlett: Love them! My favs are 1, 6, 8 & 9. Y'all are too cute. (4.7.09, 7:42pm)

lauren c. - openField.: LOVE LOVE LOVE those giant hearts!!!!!!!! so FUN!!!!!!! : ) (4.7.09, 5:53pm)

Sarah: Great session! The heart series is so creative and fun! (4.7.09, 5:25pm)

Britt Patterson-Weber: All of them look amazing! I especially love the 9th one down. They must really be in love if they're tossing around heart-shaped balloons together! :) (4.7.09, 10:18am)

Michelle: love them all, especially the ones we got in Lullwater! (4.7.09, 9:43am)

Beverly Fooks: Oh how cute! These photos indeed do capture the love between Michelle and Kenny! Such a great couple! (4.7.09, 9:27am)

Kathy Sawyer (Mother of the Bride): Michelle and Kenny are a great couple and you captured that special spark between the two of them. Looking forward to the wedding in October. (4.7.09, 7:46am)