Chantra Reidenbaugh: Beautiful pictures! I LOVE, LOVE the bilboard shot! (4.15.09, 10:59am)

Caroline: Scott + Cristen, I've been out of town and sick for a few days, but i wanted to say thank you for the beautiful photos and sweet commentary! We love them and can't wait to see more! (4.7.09, 11:13pm)

Travis Carr: Looks awesome. Had a blast on the shoot and you've done an incredible job. I'll look around for a billboard or maybe scaffolding to climb for the wedding. love it (4.3.09, 10:18am)

rich mattingly: You guys rock so hard - what a good looking couple, too! That top block with all the images would look SO good as a large wall print! I love it when you combine a series like that. (4.3.09, 6:52am)