Aunt Anita: FABULOUS! The only thing that can top these fall pix will be the fall wedding! What a great looking couple! Love you both! (12.21.08, 10:15am)

JoAnne Kite: Laura and Brian, your engagement photos are absolutely breathtaking! Your love and happiness is captured so beautifully! I cannot wait to see your pictures on your wedding day, because I know they will be incredible too! (12.19.08, 8:35am)

Brian: Absolutely amazing! You had me at Ginko. (12.18.08, 6:48pm)

jesse: yes- another brilliant shoot scott.... it look beautiful! (12.18.08, 10:13am)

Laura: Aww, these are great – love the fall color! Scott, you always do an amazing job and we had so much fun working with you! (12.18.08, 7:30am)