Nathan: Where were these pictures taken? I love all the backgrounds, the vibrant colors and patterns. So wonderful! (12.4.08, 10:12pm)

Aunt Terri: Hey!!! These are awesome pictures. But Rusty, when did you get all grown up???? (11.30.08, 9:56pm)

Sue Louks: Hey Cousin Carrie, You guys look so happy... Congrats!!! Good Luck.... May is a great Month!!!! Love, Sue (11.29.08, 4:11pm)

carrie : really love the pics, scott! we love what you do thanks again! (11.29.08, 10:58am)

Arlelne: The pictures are great. Both of you look happy and in love. Can't wait for the wedding. Love ya. (11.28.08, 7:50am)

Trey H: guys look great! Yet another excellent job Scott! (11.27.08, 10:03am)

Stephanie: These picture are fantastic. I love to tenderness between Rusty and Carrie among the various backgrounds. These photos are very creative, sensitive and revealing. I just love the contrast and can't wait for the wedding photos. I love you Carrie and Rusty, I wish you the very best in your life walk together. Well done Scott capturing the two of them. (11.27.08, 8:12am)

Ardath: Absolutely wonderful -- just like the two of you! Your love transcends the urban setting, and brings a glow and warmth to the city. Love you both! (11.26.08, 6:56pm)

Jane: I am Rusty's mom and I think these are great. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures. Carrie you are beautiful in everyone. Rusty you look so handsome. (11.26.08, 5:28pm)

Rusty: These are great. I haven't looked this good in years. We had a great time running around our part of town taking pictures and are looking forward to the wedding and think Scott will blend right in with our friends. Happy Thanksgiving! (11.26.08, 5:20pm)

Barbara: Simply awesome! Great subjects and just overall great photos. (11.26.08, 5:09pm)