Dan Mastin: 8 years later and more in love than ever, what a great night it was and how lucky we were to have you to help us capture it all. Laura posted a 'remember when' link on facebook and am so greatful that this captured it all so well. Now as far as that fertility egg chair goes, 4 kids later I think there should be a disclaimer notice if you use that one again!!! Hope you guys are well!!! (10.16.16, 10:18pm)

rebecca houge: You did an awesome job! Thanks for capturing the magic and the love for Laura and Dan! (12.1.08, 9:15am)

Laura : These are so great! As a bride you get so excited about your wedding pictures and these have totally exceeded our expectations! Scott and Adam made our wedding day so great, you guys were great to work with! I can wait to see the rest of them! Cristen you and Scott are absolutely amazing and you make a great team! Thank you so much. I have looked at these pics over and over again! (11.21.08, 2:09am)

Missy: Those are amazing pics!!! I just hope Mark and my wedding pics come out 1/2 as beautiful!! (11.20.08, 8:54pm)

jesse chamberlin: what's up "BLOG MASTER 2000". way to just keep posting awesome work day after day!!!! (11.20.08, 4:34pm)

Holly Stutz: Okay, these are by far the BEST wedding photos I have EVER seen! Laura and Dan look soooo amazing! I wish that I lived closer so that we could use you guys for our kids' photos! Can't wait to see them all! (11.20.08, 10:12am)

Jared: AMAZING! The pictures turned out great - I had a blast hanging out with you guys and getting to know Dan a little more that weekend. See you all soon! (11.20.08, 9:40am)

Sean: Wow, those picutes are amazing. You guys looked incredible! Congrats again, and hope to see you soon. (11.20.08, 8:34am)

markD: Woot! They came out great. I think you need more pics of that hawt grooms-party though. lol. Grats guys. (11.20.08, 8:17am)

rachel: Your pics are amazing (of course it helps that the couple is so incredible ; ) )! It was so fun to watch you guys do your thing on the day of the wedding. Can't wait to see the rest! Thanks again! Laura's Big Sis (11.20.08, 8:07am)