Brittany: I just found your blog, and I love your style! These pictures are gorgeous!! (12.4.08, 1:22pm)

Dennis: Oh that first one is a keeper! (11.21.08, 8:31am)

talia: these are freakin stunning scott!!! entirely amazing :) (11.18.08, 11:54pm)

jesse chamberlin: bridge shot rocks it!!!!! (11.18.08, 5:06pm)

Kristi: I absolutely love the pictures!! Awesome backgrounds and the colors really are sharp. Dan and Linz, you guys know you look good! Can't wait to see the rest. :) (11.18.08, 9:03am)

dan: Phenomenal job, Scott!! The colors did turn out really, really sharp — looks awesome. Thanks for the kind words about us as well; we certainly enjoyed that afternoon. :) Looking forward to the reception in December! (11.17.08, 2:45pm)

Lindsey: Oh yay!!! I absolutely love them!! What a great way to start off the week. :) I can't wait to see the rest!! Thank you, Scott, for taking such beautiful photos! (And thank you both for getting these up before we leave for PR!) See you in December! (11.17.08, 7:43am)

Beverly (M.O.B.): Gorgeous shots! Love the color and backgrounds and you really captured the feelings Linz and Dan have for each other! Thanks for the memories! (11.17.08, 7:10am)