Dennis: Love the first two with the yellow flowers! Good stuff.... (11.21.08, 8:30am)

jesse chamberlin: whoa, scott! amazing job on this shoot. all of the images are stunning! (11.18.08, 5:07pm)

Staci: If only America's Next Top Model had a couple's competition... (11.17.08, 5:05pm)

Debbie: Britt, I love these pics!!! Congratulations!! (11.17.08, 9:13am)

Holly: I love these pictures! I want to see the rest of them! They look so good, you look like professionals! (11.17.08, 8:05am)

Chrissie: You both look so happy, and i am happy for you. These pics are great!!!! (11.17.08, 8:05am)

Mary Helen: Wow ! It doesn't get any better than this. (11.16.08, 11:45am)

tammy : AWESOME. Brittany and Steven, you made an great choice. Can't wait to see all the rest! (11.16.08, 8:33am)

tiffany: very cute. (11.15.08, 8:08pm)

Jessica: oh bb, work it girl! steve you look pretty spiffy too (11.15.08, 7:48pm)

rychelle: oh. i love the second and fourth shots more than words. (11.15.08, 7:15pm)

Brittany: Oh my gosh I love them!! Can't wait to see the rest!!! Thank you so much they are fabulous!! (11.15.08, 5:51pm)

Janice: They are beautiful ! (11.15.08, 8:28am)