angela: their reception looks like so much fun! great inspiration for us! (6.9.08, 7:55pm)

Kristin: I liked the prep shots with the always see the bride getting ready but rarely see what the groom is doing before the ceremony. I think it's sweet to show how they both prepared before saying "I do." (6.8.08, 6:04pm) I am just crazy about the rings on the tulip! What a clean, simple, but striking shot. (6.8.08, 2:31pm)

jesse Chamberlin: freakin' awesome photos! and great new colors on the logo. my favorites are the rings and the tie shot! great work scott! (6.7.08, 10:54am)

ashley: i am so excited to see the pictures! i've been stalking the blog for the last few days :) Scott and Adam were wonderful to work with, and the pictures are beautiful! thanks for everything! (6.7.08, 8:27am)