Lindsay Bishop: Congratulations Scott! (3.22.09, 3:31pm)

Brett: That is fantastic Scott... great work! (3.20.09, 12:41pm)

beth and jared : We are so happy for you that your hard work and talent has been recognized. You truly deserve every bit of it. We promise to pick our photos when we get back from Africa. Thanks again for everything. You and cristen make an excellent team to work with. best wishes for continued success and love-beth and jared krumper (3.12.09, 10:43am)

Yvonne: As a friend of your mom, she loves to brag on your talent, and we get to enjoy both your professional and personal work. You are blessed with such talent, and a blessing to your family and loved ones! Your photography always reminds me to stop and smell the roses...Thanks (3.12.09, 9:35am)

Caroline + Travis: See, this is why I cried when I first saw your photos! :) I'm so happy to have your talent and creativity to document our day! Can't wait for our e-session next week! (3.11.09, 5:13pm)

Courtney: This is so amazing. I can't wait for you to shoot Darold and me. Your work just blows us away!!! Congratulations on your well-deserved award! (3.11.09, 11:46am)

Ellenand Bob Cooke: We are so poud to call you our nephew. You have made us proud. You have always been or number one pick. (3.11.09, 9:05am)

Eryn & Craig: We are so impressed with your work and are glad to see you getting the recognition you so completely deserve! (3.10.09, 9:19pm)

Sandra Nathan: Congratulations! You sure were blessed with an artistic eye and talent. (3.10.09, 7:01pm)

brad cooke: congrats Scott! Glad to see your talent seeing such recognition. (3.10.09, 5:11pm)

Kim Kalyn: CONGRATULATIONS !!!! That is so amazing and completely well deserved. :) (3.10.09, 4:10pm)

Brittany: YAY!! I am so excited for you!! I think you should be number 1 (3.10.09, 3:31pm)

andrew lee: congrats scott! very well deserved. (3.10.09, 2:22pm)

Liza : Congrats!!! We knew you were the best, and we are so lucky to have found you. It's wonderful news and you deserve it. (3.10.09, 12:55pm)

Erik Richmond: I knew I made the right selection with Scott. An incredible honor to say the least. Our pictures are amazing and we love them! Congrats!!! (3.10.09, 11:40am)

Mimi: Congratulations Scotty! Hmmmm, Wedding Photography, now there's an idea!....AND NOW YOU'RE FAMOUS! Noel says she isn't getting married but she NEEDS a photo session, along with her 8 chick friends! Love you! (3.10.09, 11:36am)

Betty Chester: Your Dad would say, "WONDERFUL!,WONDERFUL!WONDERFUL! AND I agree!!!!!!!!!! (3.10.09, 11:05am)

jesse chamberlin: awesome! awesome! awesome! (3.10.09, 10:29am)

Jaime Otero: It makes perfect sense to me. I LOVE my wedding pictures and everyone who looks at them says they're they best they ever seen. They always ask who my photographer was! (3.10.09, 9:54am)

Lara: CONGRATS!! That is so exciting!! (3.10.09, 9:39am)

Nathan Smith: Congratulations! What a fantastic and well deserved honor. You do amazing work with a camera, we were so blessed to have been able to work with you. Enjoy the fun that comes with being in the Top 10! (3.10.09, 9:22am)

Allyson Hendryx Korb: Not surprised at all!!! You captured the most beautiful pictures of our wedding. We hear nothng but raves aboiut them!!! (3.10.09, 8:49am)

Arington & Lynda: Wow, we are in the presence of a world famous photographer. Congrats! Do you need a couple of assistants? (3.10.09, 8:41am)

Scott & Chantra Reidenbaugh: Congrats Scott! I'm definitely not surprised! We are thrilled for you!!! (3.10.09, 8:23am)

lindsey: Congratulations Scott!! You deserve it! (3.10.09, 7:52am)

stacey and April: In our eyes you are the best! Thanks (3.10.09, 7:33am)

Laura: Congratulations, Scott!!!! That is so exciting - and very well deserved!! (3.10.09, 7:04am)

Allison & Jim: We knew you were the best, but now its official!!! Congrats!!!! We can't wait until May!!!! (3.10.09, 6:48am)

shelli: yay! well deserved of course. great images. (3.10.09, 6:40am)

kim defeo: Congrats Scott! We can't wait to have you at our wedding in June! Well done! (3.10.09, 6:23am)

kevinearle: congrats scott. come to tampa to celebrate. Cristen, its OK to brag sometimes when its well deserved. (3.10.09, 6:19am)

amber: scottie! your work is really unique and beautiful, and obviously, it's not just your homies who feel that way. congratulations, scott. the honor is well-deserved. (3.10.09, 4:42am)

ava + lucy: you ROCK daddy! we want to be just like you when we grow up... that's why we always *try* to use your camera when it's out! xoxo (3.10.09, 12:56am)